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connected cultural center: plug-in space
connecting cultures digitaly
 conceptual diagrams / programatic diagrams / process renderings / plug-in space

the purpose of the 800 sf plug-in exhibition space is to provide more of an integratedmode of connection via media and communication technology. this part of the project is a more literal abstraction of the conceptual thinking that has guided me through the development of the connected cultural center in miami. the idea is to provide a series of interactive spaces (4-10' x 20' spaces) which can be used as a means of connection and communication to the cultural center in miami and to the city itself from other cultural centers in south america. the plug-in space is meant to be generic in nature yet still provide room for experimentation. the project will be constructed in such a way that it can be easily asembled, is compact, and transportable, thus creating a space which is truly meant to be "plugged" into any existing space.

the yellow is the designated space for other student's spaces to be plugged-in.  provided that the students keep their spaces at a maximum of 800 sf (80 m2) the plug-in platform should fit about 5-6 plug-ins (depends on the designers' schemes). anything goes! students can design whatever they want within the 800 sf max. requirement. this space does not belong to me. if you have any questions regarding the space available to you please e-mail me at